Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Increase House Value

Given the current market of falling house prices and the volatile house market, many homeowners are concerned about their house’s value. The single most important reason many people are homeowners instead of renters is because of their house value. If ever one wants to resell their home, the value of that home is crucial for selling as well as buying. Every homeowner should be aware of how to put value back onto their homes, here are some approaches:

  1. Make it Grand: Master bedrooms should deliver a sense of grandeur when anyone enters the room. If a home is magnificent and the master bedroom lacks substance, that is a large turnoff for possible home buyers. Simply upgrading lighting fixtures in addition to dimmers creates high appeal. With appropriate lighting and color schemes a house can appear very au courant. Paint and coloring may sometimes be more important than furnishings.
  2. Keep it Updated: Simply replacing all kitchen appliances with greener and newer technology can add much value to a home. Especially if one is considering selling the home, updated appliances are a positive aspect that prospective buyers consider.
  3. Curb Appeal: Keeping lawns well manicured and driveways clear adds curb appeal to your home. A good first impression is important and may add value to the neighborhood as well. It is also a good excuse to get rid of the excess clutter sitting around your yard and a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your home’s appearance!
  4. Roof: Don’t forget that the roof protects the beautiful house that lies beneath it. So any problems or old roof tiles that have not been replaced are necessary to insuring safety as well as increasing value. Consider having a roof inspector come out to check stability and durability.

Consider these four simple steps to increasing your house’s value. They are not all weekend projects and some of them may require outside assistance, so dig out that contractor and interior designer’s number. You will be surprised how much your house’s value increases and others will notice as well.