Monday, January 11, 2010

How To Buy Art For The Home

Something we hear often from clients is "how do I and where can I select art for the home?" Fortunately it's something we love to talk about and work on with people. It's remarkable just how much a discussion with a client about art can help us gain needed insight and perspective on that client's own design eye and hopes and dreams for their home environment. We don't recommend purchasing art for decoration, it's more about finding something which is itself interesting and captivating and can also work for your home environment. Take a listen to this short video where I share my ideas about straight forward steps towards finding art you can enjoy and art which enhances your home. Set a budget, do some browsing with a art savvy friend and then get ready to find what fits your home and your life.

Give us your feedback, and feel free to share with others what your experience has been buying art for the home.
- Bethe Cohen