Monday, June 28, 2010

New Trends in Kitchen Design

Have you ever taken notice to no matter how large a home is or who is living in the home, everyone always congregates in the kitchen. The kitchen is truly the center hub of any home and should show tasteful design (no pun intended!)

As we know, trends are constantly changing and a kitchen should not be renovated or redesigned more than once in the home’s lifetime. The key to having a kitchen that does not lose style over time is to make the style compatible with the homeowner. Traditional kitchens continue to be the most popular design trend for kitchens in 2010. Contemporary is closely behind, but shades of white, beige, and bone are in which carry heavy weight in traditional style. Cherry wood remains to be the most popular for kitchens, cherry evokes a warm feel and that is most comfortable for kitchens. To coincide with cherry wood, hardwood floors is increasing in popularity, although ceramic, tile, and stone are regularly seen in kitchens.

Now the whole world is moving towards green energy and conservation. It is not difficult to find energy saving appliances and now they are smaller and more efficient as well. For example, dishwasher drawers don’t carry as large of a load but use less water and remind users to conserve as well.

If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen, consider what is most important to you. The form, functionality, or perhaps the size? Consult what you don't have currently and what you find dire to have. This will help greatly when beginning your renovation process.