Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keeping it Trendy

These days we are all just trying our hardest to keep up with the current trends. We all want our house to be stylish, but most importantly we don’t want to be stuck with outdated furniture, trends from decades ago, or a house that makes guests feel like they just traveled back in time.

Conclusion to this dilemma? Make the foundation for the room you are designing basic, so if and when the time comes for an update, no drastic changes need to be made. Keep your walls and furniture neutral, grey is a great neutral for 2010, with an accent wall or piece that adds some character. The rest of the accessories in the room, such as artwork, carpets, and coffee tables are easier to swap out in the future.

When deciding how to ramp up the energy in the room after a neutral base color has been decided, first consider how the room will be used and what energy you want it to give off. If it is a formal sitting room, static pink is most likely not the best option. However, if it is a family room, possibly an energetic blue or green would suit the room well.

Colors that are sweeping the trends of 2010 are played up earth tones. Such would consist of bright oranges, fun greens, a mix of purples and exciting yellows. Above is an example of a living room using the neutral gray and bright red as an accent, the picture is from Fresh Contemporary Interiors.