Monday, June 21, 2010

How About a Sculpture?

Does your garden feel drab and uninteresting? Do you believe you have planted all the flowers possible and raided every nursery around, but there is nothing that you see fit for your yard?

Consider putting sculptures in your garden. Sculptures, whether, metal, glass, or stone offers much character to any yard. Many feel that adding a sculpture to landscape gives the garden a contemporary feel. On the contrary, many sculptresses create pieces that complement any styled home. Many sculptresses around the Bay Area create custom sculptures for customers that have an exact idea in mind. Sculptures come in all sizes and sometimes they are not even the centerpiece of the garden. They can be discreetly placed beside a tree or in bushes to add a natural look to the garden.

If considering purchasing a sculpture or finding out more information, here are some recommended sculptresses.

Benbow Bullock
Jerry C Karlik
Arthur Norby